November 19, 10am Eastern
thru November 22, 11:59pm Eastern
On sale at Warrior Plus
50% Commission
$200 in cash prizes
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Life is stressful, discouraging, full of ups and downs...

Which creates a great opportunity for your customers to help people AND make money at the same time.

Affirmation cards are used by millions of people. These are digital cards that people can print and cut to size. The sayings are often motivational/inspirational.

Affirmation Cards Mastery is a completely software driven product that creates affirmation cards in seconds!

There are built in affirmations and graphics to use. However even better is that people can upload their own affirmations and graphics. This ensures uniqueness.

Full training shows how great the affirmations market is and how the software makes creating affirmation cards a breeze.

Affirmation Cards Mastery

Earn 50% commission.

FE: $37.
   Select from 4 different layouts and 4 different sizes. Software can create dozens of cards in seconds.

Upsell 1: $27.
   Adds two additional sizes, Canva templates, and graphics packs including arches and faded backgrounds.


First prize: $100
Second prize: $75
Third prize: $25

You must earn at least the same amount in commissions as the prize money.
If not you will be paid an amount that equals the commissions you earned.

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Selling points / angles
  • No one else has software that creates affirmation cards!
  • Sell on Etsy or any other markets, full commercial rights
  • Full video training
  • Proven track of vendor product success.